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Quick Test
  • To find out if you're IPv6 enabled already, click here!
IPv6 FAQ: Supercharge your Internet!
  1. Why are we enabling IPv6?

    • Our current system, IPv4, is running out of addresses! It's like having a limited number of phone lines in a growing town. IPv6 expands the address space exponentially, ensuring smooth connections for decades to come.

  2. What are the benefits of IPv6?

    • Faster Speeds: Stream, download, and game with less lag – imagine a wider highway for your data!

    • More Devices: Connect all your smart gadgets, appliances, and future tech without worrying about running out of addresses.

    • Future-proof: Be ahead of the curve – most new devices and services are already IPv6-ready.

    • Hosting: You are free to host any app/service in your home free of charge using IPv6.

  3. Does my computer/device support IPv6?

    • Most modern devices (post-2010) support IPv6 natively. Check your device's documentation or manufacturer's website to be sure.

    • Android, Apple devices, Gaming Consoles, Windows and most Linux distros supports IPv6 out-of-the box

  4. Do I need to do anything to switch to IPv6?

    • If the quick test above does not show IPv6, then please reach out to us and we will help you enable it for free!

  5. I'm having trouble, can you help?

    • Absolutely! We're here to guide you through the process. Contact us!

  6. Will all websites & apps work with IPv6?

    • All websites and services will work regardless if they are IPv6-ready or not. Our network is backwards compatible!

  7. Is IPv6 expensive?

    • No! It is free. You will get a free /56 Prefix Delegation (PD) out-of-the-box.

    • Remember: IPv6 is the future of the internet, and we're proud to bring it to our rural Montana community! Embrace the upgrade and experience the future of connected living!

  8. What about security?

    • If you are using a typical consumer router like Eero or TP-Link routers, by default the IPv6 firewall is enabled.​

    • If you are using a more advanced router like OpenWRT or MikroTik, then you will need to configure a proper IPv6 firewall. If you need help, we're here for you!

Additional technical details:

  • IPv6 addresses are 128 bits compared to IPv4's 32 bits, offering a vast address space.

  • IPv6 simplifies packet headers, improving routing efficiency and network performance.

  • IPv6 does not have NAT related problems. Your Xbox or internet phone calls will be smoother.

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