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What are Glacier Broadband's operating principals?

Glacier Broadband's network is 100% funded and operated by locals right here in the Flathead. We are a group of hard working Montanans that are here to improve Internet connectivity and IT service options throughout the Flathead Valley. Our primary goal is to provide affordable, high quality broadband services that are never degraded during peak times. Move over big cable and DSL there's a new internet option with faster speeds, better customer service and best of all we're local!    


How good is your customer support?

Our support is 100% local in the Flathead and all family based. We truly care about our subscribers and are more than willing to lend a hand anytime you need help with your internet or wifi related devices, regardless if they were bought from us or not. We also sell professionally installed whole house managed wifi systems that are tuned to your home or business's unique foot print for maximum performance. Let's talk today, give us a call! 


How can you have no contracts?

We don't need contracts to keep our internet subscribers! Yes it's that good! We strive for quality service and not quantity of subscribers. We keep the internet lightning fast all the time and don't overload our towers with subscribers. You won't get buffering, slow downs or contracts with us!


Do you charge an install fee?

If you switch from another provider with compatible cabling we will completely waive the install fee. If you don't have existing service or compatible wiring then you just pay our cost to cover the equipment to be installed at your home or business. Most internet dishes needed for service on your home or business cost between $100-$300 depending how far from a tower you are and what speed you want. We will also work with you if need to spread out the equipment fee over a few months. 

Our existing internet options are all terrible even though we have many options available. Can you still help?

Absolutely! We want to hear from you and your neighbors! The more people we hear from in an area the faster we can expand our service to serve them. We can rapidly expand our service to any area regardless of the existing provider options. We need at least a dozen potential subscribers to consider building out to a new area. Be sure to read about our repeater hub sites below.


Can I get a discount or free internet if I refer my friends and family to you?

For every referral you bring to us we will credit your account $50 after your referral has been an active subscriber for 90 days. There is no cap on the number of referrals so you could have free internet for years to come with enough referrals. There is another way to get free internet, see below. 


I have a good view of many houses can I host a small repeater hub at my property and get free internet?

Most likely yes! If your home rooftop, business or land with power is on a hill or has a great view of dozens to hundreds of homes you may be eligible to host an internet repeater relay hub. Our FCC compliant repeater hubs can be installed in any neighborhood, rural or city. Our repeater hubs usually consists of a three 12"x12" antennas and a small dish antenna to bring the service in from one of our fiber optic hubs. These low power repeater hubs only take a few dollars worth of power each month and can be mounted on your roof, to a structure or on a pole in your yard if you are up on a hill. Repeater hub site owners will get extremely fast internet right on our fiber optic fed backbone for free. More Info Here

I play video games and stream 4k movies but I also need a reliable connection for work. Will this work for me?

Our low latency high bandwidth network is designed for lag free gaming and 4k streaming without buffering. Its like having wireless fiber optic internet without all the costs of fiber optic. Perfect for those who work from home or do online schooling! 

Please call or text today!
(406) 309-7777

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Referral Program

Tell your friends, family and neighbors about Glacier Broadband and receive a $50 billing credit when your referral has been a subscriber for 90 days!





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